Welding Engineering

Magna Inspections Ltd. can offer the expertise of their Welding Engineer and Metallurgist for any welding related problems.

Failure Investigations can be undertaken for insurance purposes and Engineering services can be sub-contracted for the duration of a project or on a regular basis.

We offer very competitive rates for our practical knowledge and academic qualifications.

We also offer the services of ‘Responsible Welding Coordinators’ for the ISO 3834 accreditation scheme.

For all your welding needs

“When only the best will do” .Magna Inspections Ltd. can approve welding procedures in accordance with BS EN ISO 15614-1 and BS EN ISO 15614-2.

Advice on procedure qualification is given free of charge, and a proposal will be sent out of the necessary welding procedures for a company to be totally covered. Preliminary welding procedures can be written by ourselves

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